vampire cactus eats cupcakes

(This poem is dedicated to the lovely SG)

somewhere in the desert

the sky turns dark enough to taste like bittersweet

chocolate smells after it’s been sitting

in the cupboard for years, it’s gloss turned

opaque like pearls gathering dust and


I love you unconditionally

except when you leave the air conditioner on

all night long and frost grows in my hair, he

said to her and she cracked her knuckles

twice, they sounded like bells


ringing in the church tower on the night

they buried the body of a saint,

the one who insects never touched,

the one who smelled like chamomile tea

and vanilla even years after the ground

overtook her skin and what


do saints bones look like, are they

so much different than yours or mine or

his? And what of the lizard, that one you

like that runs from predators, runs

until it faints? Do you still believe

in running


down into the darkness, past the sand,

past the waves the wind makes even

when the water’s all gone. Somewhere


in the desert we wait all night

for the stars to come out and dance

like no one is watching

even when they fall


make a wish, no one noticed,

it still probably will come true.



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