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3 new poems

Dearest Reader,


I have 3 new poems, alongside some amazing work, in the latest issue of Ghost City Review. You can read it here!


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2 new poems

Dearest Readers,

I have two news poems up at the latest issue of the wonderful Freezeray Poetry. One poem is about Flukeman and one is about Devin Harris.

You can read them both here!

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2 new poems

Dearest Readers,

I have two news poems up today, which I am extremely grateful to say. Both of these pieces are from a new collection that I’m working on.

The first, “Error Codimg,” is up at b(oink) zine. It can be read here!

The second, “All Melusin’s Daughters,” is over at Rust + Moth. You can read it here!


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New Poem at Public Pool

I’m delighted to have a new poem up at Public Pool (an amazing place for poets with wonderful work. It’s really an honor to have a poem here). This is part of my cycle of poems about women and violence and loss, which I refer to as my “missing girl” series.

You can read the new poem here!


If you’re interested in seeing other poems in the series, here are links to those as well:


The Detective, Years After at Abyss&Apex

When Everyone Else Says After at Soft Blow

Missing Girl Found– in the print edition of Outlook Springs

The Fortune Teller’s Daughter in a print edition of Anchor & Plume

Locard’s Principle in Alien Mouth

What the Earth Returns to Our Mouths at Hobart



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4 new poems at Pidgeonholes

Dearest Reader,

I have four new poems up at Pidgeonholes paired with four pieces from new author Sarah Stock.

You can read them here!

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What I Published in 2016

So the year isn’t quite done, but I thought I’d compile a list of all the poetry and fiction I published in 2016 (I’m updating my CV, so I was compiling anyways).

In many cases I’ve included links to the pieces or (if they are in print) a link to the magazine itself.


“A Place You Know” in Smokelong Quarterly

“So Far the Distance” in The Bohemyth

“Exchange” in The Bohemyth

“Even the Veins of Leaves” in Supernatural Tales

“So This” in Flash Fiction Online

“Photokeratitis” in The Molotov Cocktail

“Thematic Cartography” in Bartleby Snopes

“A Sense of Taste” in Drunken Boat

“Stricken” in Cheap Pop

“4 Minutes and 13 Seconds” in Halo Lit

“Where is Your Destination, What is Your Plan?” in Menacing Hedge


“#Monsters” in Phantom Kangaroo

“How to Watch a Barn Fall Down” and “If You Asked the Earth” in 45th Parallel

“Shells” in Midwestern Gothic

“Rat-Infested Ghost Ship Off the Coast of Britain” and “Exposing Tricks” in Liminality

“Convent,” “&Other Ways to Read the Dirt,” and “The Detective, Years After” in Abyss & Apex

“Missing Girl Found—” and “Mephistopheles Never Said He Told the Truth” in Outlook Springs

“Hollywood Hauntings,” “Still Life with Chupacabra,” “Cotard’s Delusion,” and “Stages of the Exorcism” in Star*Line

“What the Earth Returns to Our Mouths,” “An Infinity of Chip Bros,” “Google Search History, Tell Me Who I Am,“Kitchen Piece,” “My Life Had Stood a Full Court Press,” “Ball Don’t Lie,” and “Tricks to Keep Away the Dark” in Hobart

“On Bray Road Melancholia” in Spilled Milk

“All the Tea My Creepy Heart Desires” and “The Other Side of This is Still Here” in Vending Machine Press

“Method Envy” and “The Devil’s Fruit” in Banshee

“Aura Symptom” in Noble/Gas Quarterly

“Generations” in Recompose

“Cups are Always Falling, Breaks are Always Close” and “I Believed Not in God but in Gods as a Child” in Birds Piled Loosely

“Museo de Spazio” in Wizards in Space

“Tricking” and “Collective Color Constancy” in spy kids review

Forthcoming in 2017:

“Like the Desert Dark” from Gamut

“This Has All Happened Before” from New South

“Sleepwalking” from Gulf Stream

“Sidelong Catastrophe” from Reckoning

“The Witch’s House” in Liminality

“Please” and “Fairy Tales & Other Species of Life” in Sunvault: Stories of Solar Punk and Eco-Speculation



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An Ode to Something

Just found this old poem, which I think I wrote during my Junior year of college!

An Ode to Something

For the weight of rain as it drenched my clothing

I couldn’t shake that chill for days on end

days I spent thinking that spring was almost here but just not enough to warm me yet. This is for the café where I spent most hours sipping at hot chocolates with shots of espresso in them and the conversations where we talked around our lives, playing

at the edges like children

skirting the banks of the lake. This is to that hill which always felt endless, one day I’ll be a kick-boxing champion because of that hill, one day I’ll hear my knees pop because of that hill, one day I’ll think back on that hill and wonder why I never bothered to check the view when I got to the top. This is for the shadows under the bridge where I

expected ghosts

would be telling stories to their friends, hushed voices carrying whispers that fill the heads of dreamers with nightmares of halls that just keep going and doors to rooms that appear from the dark where they weren’t ever supposed to be. This is to the music store where I’d buy CDs to fill my time with sound and the conversations that I’d overhear about guitarists and bandaged hands and vocalists who couldn’t keep track of the beat. This is for

Italian sodas on the way

to work and how the walk has worn my shoes down so that I feel the sidewalk through them and it always feels like I’m walking the footsteps of a thousand other people. This is to the click of a keyboard and that certain tap that the mouse makes when I hit refresh and the page blooms into something else. This is for the way the sky looked and the way the lake patterned out past my vision and became a blur and the way that cafe music always sounds best from right outside the door when I’m going in. This is, finally, to everything that I can’t quite recall with certainty but sits in my memory as some small pieces which one day will come back to

me suddenly

and absolutely, like stones I collected as a child and only find now, years later as I pack and they sit there at the bottom of boxes just waiting for me to pick them back up and place them somewhere new.


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